LITHONIA, Ga. (CBS46) -- For more than a decade, CBS46 has been questioning local restaurant managers about critical health violations. It’s not uncommon to get the cold shoulder when speaking with management about a failing inspection. But even we weren’t prepared for what happened this week.

“You can get that out of my face,” a Denny’s employee told CBS46's Adam Murphy and Dmitri Lotovski. “I’m going to call police.”

This week, Denny’s on Panola Road in Lithonia scored 52-points and a ‘U’ for unsatisfactory. The health inspector busted them for expired deli meat, flying insects and raw eggs on bacon and cheese. But these violations pale in comparison to this violation of civility.

“You don’t have to put the camera on nobody. You can get out of here with that. You all can go ahead,” a Denny’s employee said.

It’s not the treatment even a news crew would expect from a place that calls itself America’s diner.

“My son right here. If you film me with that F****** camera I’m going to knock your a** out. And I F****** promise you that. My f******* son right here son. Don’t do that s*** because I’ll knock your ass out,” A Denny’s employee said. “I don’t give a f***. My son right here you b**** a*** n****.”

The raw video can be seen below.

WARNING: Graphic Language is heard throughout the raw video.

WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE - CBS46's Adam Murphy went to the Denny's in Lithonia to talk about their recent failing health rating. But no one was ready for what happened.

Moments later, DeKalb County Police showed up at Denny’s, but not for their "Grand Slam Breakfast."

“So, you all are good,” an officer told CBS46's crew.

Officers confirmed our crew was well within our rights to question the restaurant and we were not the ones in the wrong.

CBS46 received the following statement from Denny’s corporate office regarding the incident.

“We are disappointed by the inappropriate and unacceptable behavior by employees at our restaurant in Lithonia, Georgia earlier this week. As a family dining restaurant, Denny's expects the highest ethical and personal behavior from our team members, and we do not tolerate this type of behavior. We have spoken to the franchisee at this location and he has taken immediate action to ensure the restaurant meets our high brand standards and has taken appropriate action with employees.”

“With regard to the health inspection grade, we take great pride in providing a high quality experience for our guests and that includes both the food we serve and the condition of our restaurants and we take local health inspections very seriously, including the posting of results. We have spoken with the franchisee and they are taking care of the issues identified and are implementing corrective procedures to ensure this does not reoccur.”

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(56) comments


“ensure the restaurant meets our high brand standards…”

Bwahahahaha! Right. It’s obvious to see your high standards in action. While restaurants can get a little hot under the collar when confronted with a negative health department report, the one thing that is never acceptable is the laying of employee hands on anyone in the restaurant. I worked at a number of restaurants in my youth, both as management and labor. That behavior, as an employee, would’ve meant instant termination for cause.. When I was a manager, I’d have fired anyone who did what I saw on the video. It’s simply not done for many reasons, chief among them is the liability issue when an employee attacks a person on the property. So to all you “news and media” folks out there telling us all what should be done, I can tell you that as a restaurant employee or manager, the onus is on the employees here not to attack the guests. Full stop.


How is this woman's dropping of the N word multiple times not an issue? This should would be the new HIGHLIGHT over every MSM had this been a White, Male, Conservative.


The employees should have lost their job for comduct violations. Denny’s is a corporation and you just cant put paws on people becazse you feel
like it. The Manager should lose his job also for not speaking with the news crew. Where was he? Based on conduct of the employees, they are out of control at that location. All employees should lose their job anyway because of the score. This is probably not the first time they have gotten a low score. There is a certain standard of behavior and this is unacceptable. I can see why the grade is a 52!!! The Owner should be reprimanded as well for his employees and given a certain date to clean it up! I would press charges personally....but again, the entire crew in the back should be let go cause of the letter grade, along with the managers for the grade and lack of control for their direct reports and staff in this incident.
Dennys is horrible anyway...


the reason the employees were so upset is they are selling drugs and stolen goods out of that denny's.... police need to make a visit,,drugs in the back room


My question is why didn't the news crew ask to speak with the manager. Engaging with the frontline employees is not going to resolve anything. They are not usually trained to handle or speak for the company on such matters. This surprise "gotcha" approach of the news crew sometimes will get you a surprise "gotcha" response. Not saying that I agree with the behavior, but I understand.


Did you not actually watch the video? First thing they asked was for the manager. There's absolutely nothing wrong with what they did either way.


It's ok to question but a business has a right to ask a person to leave as it is private property. They have a right to protect their business in a commercial market. Those people needed their jobs. They were young. The health department give businesses time to correct their reports. Now you want them fired? There are many other. restaurants GO FIND ONE. Media will do any thing for ratings. What happen to jounalism ethics? CBS 46 YOU WERE AND ARE WRONG.


And and what point is the slapping of the camera and threats of violence OK?
That's right. Never.
They are adults and adults understand there are consequences for outbursts and poor decisions.
They'll learn this type of behavior results in losing your job.


I question the veracity of the person who states that they work in news but then suggests that the proper course of action for the news crew would have been to call the Dennys corporate offices and wait for someone in senior management to respond. First of all, the name of the business is news, not "olds", and if there were not some element of sensationalism to it, well then, snore!! As long as they are reporting the truth, and especially if it is done in the name of public service, then I'm all for it. In this newscast's instance, I was aghast that the store employee who handled herself worst of all when it came to abusive language and actions was the one who said she had her child there. Disgraceful!


If I don't have to make an appointment with a manager to walk in, then neither does a news crew reporting on health violations... of which I would definitely want to know about prior to eating anywhere.


What a crazy situation. The manager starts putting her hands on the camera and reporter and then screams, "don't put your hands on me." No. You don't get to start a confrontation and then claim victim for the situation you began.

And, clearly that place isn't being managed correctly. Failing a health inspection is serious--and they are clearly trying to hide this from the public isn't of being intelligent and communicating a plan to change the situation they're being combatitive and are hiding from scrutiny.

The owner needs to step in and fire everyone; otherwise that place should shutdown. It doesn't take a sociologist to look at this video and determine the people throwing CBS46 out of the store are dysfunctional individuals. What a pathetic showing from Denny's.

Din du nuffin

"starts a confrontation" no matter what you FEEL you cant put your hands on someone. This is the type of attitude of someone who has been told they are a victim their whole life. In their mind its justified.


I am on the side of the employees. They have a right to a work environment that does not include a bunch of over paid news reading journalists who are too stupid to pass College Algebra, so they become journalists. How would any of you react, if these people came to your place of work and harassed you?
What you should have done is contact the restaurant, set up an appointment, and talk to the corporate offices. What you did is your typical "gotcha" ambush to boost ratings.
Maybe should you should use this vigor and expose the slime Marxist Stacey Abrams instead of harassing some poor African Americans trying to support their families.


I am on the side of the employees. They have a right to a work environment that does not include a bunch of over paid news reading journalists who are too stupid to pass College Algebra, so they become journalists. How would any of you react, if these people came to your place of work and harassed you?
What you should have done is contact the restaurant, set up an appointment, and talk to the corporate offices. What you did is your typical "gotcha" to boost ratings.
You should use this vigor and expose the Marxist Stacey Abrams instead of harassing some poor African Americans trying to support their families.

Vic C

I see NO harassment here by the news team. What I do see is very rude, significanty profane and very illegal activity (stealing a bottle of ketchup from the restaurant). There is NO need to set an appointment to see the manager of the restaurant. Obviously you are being what you are a Republican. Why bring up Stacy Abrams which has NOTHING to do with this?


You all see a bunch of thugs, I see future doctors and lawyers!


Nope. I see thugs.

Wild West Raw Eggs Omelette

It's laughable to read some of the comments here that defend the vile behavior of the Denny's employees and criticize the professional news crew. The reporter and cameraman did nothing wrong. The ratchet Denny's crew did everything wrong. It's mind boggling that the Denny's franchise owner would hire such unqualified workers. There is only one thing the owner can say to these "bad eggs" on his staff, "you're fired!".


I ordered at a Dairy Queen drive through in Brenham, Texas recently and encountered very similar bizarre treatment by the staff who were rude, got everything in my order wrong multiple times and then had me drive ahead to wait for them to bring me my hamburger that they said they could not prepare while I waited at the drive through window.

20 minutes after arriving they came out to my truck to ask me to move my pickup to the opposite side of the Dairy Queen, saying that I was blocking traffic. I was not blocking traffic.

I drove to the opposite side and waited until 30 minutes after paying for the hamburger, with no one bringing my one single hamburger to my truck or indicating that they remembered I was waiting. I had to track down the negligent server and he said they were still working on the hamburger 30 minutes after I ordered it and paid for it.

He was acting as though he was high on something so I asked him if he was under the influence of illegal drugs. He responded by bringing a co-worker to my truck window and video taping me with his phone. I finally got the hamburger 10 minutes after that and threw it away, thinking that one of these guys had probably spit in it.

I called Dairy Queen corporate customer service and spoke with a customer service representative who informed me, when I suggested that Dairy Queen start mandating random urine drug screens, that there was no way that I, a medical doctor, could know that the errant employee was high on drugs. I begged to differ with her, explaining that there is no other reasonable explanation for this employee’s odd behavior, and why it took 40 minutes to cook one hamburger that I ordered at the drive through, with a server who could not get anything right on my order.

The problem is two fold. First, marijuana has a very long half-life so smoking only when you are off-duty doesn’t solve the problem of chronic intoxication leading to under-performance at work.

The second, which is apparent in this video is that the miscreants were all young black men and women with serious attitude problems that they are oblivious to.

The democrat party’s now defunct welfare program that kept several generations of our poorest young women from ever marrying or ever working a day in their lives, required young mothers to have at least 3 or 4 children out of wedlock to qualify for benefits high enough to survive, and also required that the young woman never let a man 18 years old or older live in her home, destroying the black family in America and turning the American black family away from widespread involvement in their local churches. The result is that today’s young black men and women, as a group, are cursed with high levels of no church attendance when they are learning right from wrong, and a near total lack of respect for authority.

This has resulted in much higher rates of crime and drug use among young black men and women, and the lack of respect for authority regularly causes problems much worse than simply getting fired for this type of poor work performance and rudeness. If a policeman with a gun says ‘Jump’, the proper response is, ‘How far’, limiting other answers to ‘Yes Sir’, and ‘No Sir’. It’s not that hard to avoid getting shot by a nervous police officer.

So, having respect for authority is like a gift from God because it makes life so much smoother, and a lack of respect for authority is a curse. Democrats have placed that curse on this, and several earlier generations of young black people by robbing them of that gift by destroying the American black family, a curse that is rapidly spreading to all Americans, and our Republic will not continue to thrive in the absence of virtue in the population.

Young black men do not suffer much higher rates of incarceration because of Republican racism, as much as democrats would like them to believe that.

Vic C

Welfare Demographics show you what you are saying is very wrong.
• White – 38.8%.
• Black – 39.8%.
• Hispanic – 15.7%.
• Asian – 2.4%.
• Other – 3.3%.


This is what happens when you don't study in school and don't do your homework, and the government forces businesses to adhere to affirmative action.


You, the news team, disgraced yourself by putting this online. They are human beings and no matter what you say with your immature “I’m not touching you I’m not touching you” attitude, you ARE coming to bother people at work and they’re asking you to leave. Call and make an appointment or something respectful. It could have made them look bad if you had any credibility as humans, instead of treating the whole scenario like a little child. “She hit me!! She’s SLAPPED my camera”. JFC, your news station should have hid this from the world you crybabies. Def on the side of Denny’s even tho I don’t live near there, but also Definitely this news station lost credibility, so the only one you hurt was urself. Good job


This is exactly what I expect from Denny's. Have you ever been to a Denny's that was worth going to? I honestly thought they closed them all down until one day I drive by one in Stockbridge. I did go to it once and it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had.


Worked in TV news as a reporter for 25 years. While I don't excuse the poor behavior of poorly trained employees who should have been taught how to handle this situation properly, I also don't excuse the methods used by the TV station. This wasn't journalism, this was unnecessary theatrics. Going in rolling on a business because of a failed health inspection is garbage. First find out if the owner will talk to you by making a phone call. Poor excuse for disrupting someone's business. This would be like someone walking in the middle of a reporter's live shot and insisting on talking to that reporter at that moment. Save the ambush for when you've exhausted all other avenues of getting your interviews. Save it for something more consequential than a failed health inspection. You didn't inform anyone about something they didn't know. You didn't uncover anything that wasn't on the handout you got from the health department. You didn't improve anything with your "journalism". You created a confrontation and then called it "exclusive". Those employees-or now ex-employees--didn't know any better, but those working at a TV news operation in the 10th largest market should know better.


What a load of c rap sparky. These hood rats are serving up poison and they go on the attack when somebody asks about their sewer restaurant? The sc umbags should have been arrested, jailed, fired, and waiting for a trial for their assault. Can you really be this ignorant in condoning violence by these employees? What if it were a bunch of white workers attacking black reporters? Can you just imagine the coast to coast outrage that would have been made?


I’m sure everything you say is true but the behavior of these employees is still inexcusable and they two who assaulted the news crew deserve criminal convictions for assault and battery.


My son here "smack." I'll "xxck your xxs up!"
And, the entire time she's attacking the reporter she's displaying a TERRIBLE example to the boy she's trying to protect from...a camera. Disgusting.


Wrong. It's journalism. They were trying to interview the manager on site about the serious public violations of trust were recorded in the health inspection they failed to pass.

Theatrics started when the manager turned into a middle school thug and started putting her hands on the reporter and cameraman while screaming "don't touch me" and 'Bye!!!"

Pathetic. CBS46 should be applauded for exposing Denny's for being the combative mess of an organization they're clearly trying to hide from the public. And, to argue they "didn't know better" is an insult to the intelligence of everyone who reads that comment. Obviously they "should" have known better. Perhaps by analyzing the way they handled the camera in their store one can surmise why they're failing health inspections in the 1st place: These people are a mess, just like the environment they work within.

Vic C

Simple reply would be you will have to talk to the owner. But as a manager she is expected to handle these things. WHY was the undated health report NOT posted? Why did she need to start pushing and swiping at the camera and the cameraman? No. They were the wrong ones and she deserves whatever was given her by the company! Force is NOT the answer to this.


Newser, you must not watch Adams Restaurant Report Card. He always shows up unannounced to ask about bad scores. Some people say they can't or won't talk to him, usually because they say no manager if there, but I've never seen anyone act as inappropriately and violent as this group of uncivil people.


Don't need to I've seen Adams all across the country. What he did was ask questions of low level employees. What he failed to show.was his raw video.and what actually went down beofre the escalation. His Producers did not show any of the Raw video live. He was asked to leave the establishment He could have done an in depth report finding the owner and ambushing the actual owmer. We do this a lot at my station It takes linger but it worth the story . We go after the big dog owner. Did you notice how the anchor called the story and exclusive ? It's only ly an exclusive because CBS 46 made it that way. News stations like to use the words like Exclusive but in reality it's only an exclusive because no one else is there to challenge the validity of their claims.


Well why didn't say so in the first place. That makes the assault by these hood rats perfectly okay then. Idiot!


If you worked in local news this was very mild behavior.


So what action was taken? Did they fire these dum dums, or did the owner just let it slide like he did his health inspection?


Fine them for what ? Crusing or assult for touching the camera that is attached to the news photojournalist ?


Hey idiot, EVERY court in the land would convict for assault and possibly battery. How are you so ignorant of the law?


You have to be joking. No one has any right to touch anyone else without permission. This was clear assault and battery, criminal offenses. Atlanta prosecutors need to make an example of the worst of these hoodlums.


Adam you know better and you knew where this was heading. You ask question to the owner of this place or to the coporate offices. I work in news as well and you and I both know that this was a ratings grab at best. Of course the story is an exclusive because you exclusively got this entire mess started. Once the employees asked you to leave the business that should have been the end of the situation. This was not a public place of business. You could've gotten your phirog seriously injured. If people are foing to watch your station they will watch you dint need sensationalism to sell your piece.


I agree 1000%. That was a ridiculous stunt perpetrated by the reporter. Imagine if he and his family we at a public place and had that happen. I mean just imagine if somebody came to the new station to report on another colleague’s misdeeds etc. and you happened to have your family or just yourself there and weren't to blame for what was going on. That was journalistic bullying, if there is such a phrase.


So you would rather poison your family rather than question their filth? Are you really saying that to the world?

Wes J

How about some community service for that vulgar language smh and putting ya hands on the camera...did ya not watch the news a Atlanta rapper in hot water for knocking camera out dudes really


This is Ridiculous and I hope that all of these employees are Fired..... This was Uncalled for and Adam was only doing his job. The same thing has happened to several restaurants, some with lower scores than this. Never ever have I witnessed such Disrespect from this Generation of youth in my live. They really feel that no one can tell them anything and they have the right to be confrontational and disrespectful and still maintain their JOB. Enough already. Customer Services sucks in the industry because of people like this.. Now they should put this same energy into fixing the "U" they got....


Adams job was to call ahead and set up an interview with Dennys coporate PR person. In news that how things are aupposed to be done. Instead he decided to stir up the horents nest by asking people that make.min wage a series of questions they probably knew nothing about. The violations go to the ownership group not the woman making 3.00 plus tips. I work in news and this is sensationalism at its best . What Adam should have done is waited until customers left the establishment and asked them about eating in a place that had food violations. That was not sexy enough for Adam and his executive producer.


@ Newawr----->[innocent][thumbdown] ; I am not sure what news you work for but I do know this, there is not on ounce of truth in what you wrote here. First, Adam Muephy was in no way shape or form suppose to contact the store . They have NEVER done this for any other establishment so why should Adam have to adhere to this made up rule? Next, ALL employees in a restaurant that handles food are suppose to be certified through (it used to be called) Safe Serve. Also at any time the establishment is open there is suppose to be a manager on duty as well as the CORRECT health score present for all consumers to view! The part about having to call, I have never heard of that unless it is a new procedure. It seems like each and every one of those "hood"ish employees were aware of the bad score aa well as my guess that they were there when the inspector came through. The inspector dp not even make an announcement as to when he is coming. They are suppose to be during the right thing at all times and have knowledge of all the procedures and holding times and cleanliness requirements. Adam Murphy and Channel 46 simply did what they were supposed to do, report the news. No one told these "none invested" employees to take matters into their own hands, because that is what they did. The cursing and the child present was another factor. Was she on the clock & if so why was here son at her job?? Even if she was getting off, why was her son there? Who was watching him while she worked? Just SAD that you would rather make excuses against the News station and reporter instead of seeing it for what it was... WRONG

Actual newser

Zero percent chance that “newser” has ever been inside of a newsroom. It is the job of the media to inform the public ASAP regarding substandard restaurants.


Sorry for the typos , there is no way ti correct them . Thanks


Who's rules are those skippy puke? You must be a worthless reporter if that is the way you would handle situations like these. They are serving up filth and rightfully was busted in public. Are you really this stupid? Who would ever hire you to be a reporter of anything?


Hmmmm.....honestly I think the news crew was at fault here. I feel they were acting very passive aggressive towards the workers trying to elicit a negative response. If they wanted to get a comment, they should have found out who was in charge, a name, and asked to speak to them. It’s as if they purposely bum rushed the workers doing their jobs just to get something on camera. I’m not about violence, but he was purposefully antagonizing those employees. I don’t know what the position of the young woman with the son held at Denny’s, but I would’ve been really upset ihaf some news crew put their cameras in my child’s face. News reporters have got to stop stirring the pots of America! I have no respect for what I saw from the reporter. I’ll never watch this station again. Sensationalizing the news, especially as something as mundane as a food score, is over the top and irresponsible. It’s as if the news reporter felt it was his duty to warn people and Georgia not to eat at that restaurant. You weren’t saving anybody’s lives by doing that sir. People aren’t that stupid. And if people want to eat there regardless of the score, that’s their business not yours.


Apparently, you did not watch the video. The reporter asked multiple times to speak to the manager, an assistant manager or anyone in charge. The employee continuously lied to him and said no one was there to come back. Apparently this is a restaurant that needs no management to run. It just lets the employees do everything on their own and be in charge of their selves. You are such a moron for blaming the news crew. They were doing their job.I bet you are a liberal snowflake and get butthurt easily...


You did see the Raw video that was not aried when the employee told him he could not be there with a camera. That was by design.


And let me add, it is their place to let the public know of the hazards of eating there. They failed to post the correct score til they were called out on it. Watch the video. They had a score of 84 posted and not the most recent score. I would certainly want to know if a place I eat at has bad inspections...


I work in news and you are very correct this was a made up sensational story. All.of this could have been avoided by talking woth Dennys Coporate or the actual owner but this had more drama.and details than waiting a feww weeks to get a call.from the owner.


You should IMMEDIATELY be terminated for your stupidity.

Actual newser

As someone who actually does work in the media(literally no one says “I work in the news”), I can surmise that you have absolutely no idea as to what you’re talking about and have never actually stepped foot inside of a newsroom. There’s a better chance of you working at that Denny’s than in the media.


First of all, NOBODY put a camera in a childs face. Why do you lie? Mundane as a food score!? YOU poison yourself and your family. I want to know when s cumbags are serving up poison and staffing their disease ridden establishment with out of control hood rats.


Exactly. Employees like this should never be hired to positions that require direct contact with human beings. These employees deserve firing and criminal convictions and jail time. Society has rules and one rule is, if you are going to be stupid enough to commit assault and battery, don’t do it with the cameras rolling. What idiots.

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