Fans are crying foul at Suntrust Park over the frustration of getting an Uber or Lyft home from a Braves game or special event at The Battery Atlanta.

Over and over, we watched as fans waited for almost an hour, got into the wrong car and wandered into the streets and oncoming traffic looking for their drivers. We were also there as a woman was Airdropped porn on her phone while waiting for her Uber.

What we didn’t see - security patrols along the sidewalk where riders gather. This was the case on three different game nights and even after the Braves assured us they would get someone out there.

All this is not just frustrating, but also potentially dangerous.

I jumped into this story after coming to a Braves game a few weeks ago. I too had to wait almost 45 minutes for my Uber and in the process was groped while waiting on that same rideshare sidewalk. It made us ask, “What else is going on?”

We took all of these complaints to the Braves, who told us, they didn’t know any of this was even happening. And we quickly learned why.

The rideshare pickup area on Windy Ridge Parkway is technically not on The Battery, rather it's Cobb County property. While the Braves oversee everything inside The Battery, Cobb Police work the rideshare area. Neither has any control over Uber and Lyft operations.

We reached out to Cobb Police and Uber, the Braves' rideshare partner, for comment on these fan complaints. We are still waiting to hear back.

The Braves continued to follow-up with CBS46, noting they take these concerns seriously. They have also promised to work more closely with Cobb Police and Uber to find solutions to make the rideshare experience better.

We will continue to press the Braves, Cobb Police and Uber for answers on how to improve safety for all fans and patrons.

If you have experienced an issue or concern while waiting for a rideshare at The Battery Atlanta, feel free to comment below. You can also contact the Braves at or 404-614-2300.

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"We were also there as a woman was Airdropped p**n on her phone while waiting for her Uber." So do you guys need a copy editor, or...


I am a Rideshare driver and the reason it's so hard for a passenger to get a ride near the battery is because most drivers try to avoid that area due to poor treatment the Rideshare drivers receive from Cobb County PD in that area. There have been instances where passengers have gotten out of the car at stop lights and the Rideshare driver was ticketed for dropping off in the wrong area even though the Rideshare driver has no control over where a grown adult gets out of his car. There are also many instances where the drive share driver is told to keep moving even though he is in the pickup Zone. I myself volunteer at the Braves stadium and just because I have Uber / Lyft stickers on my car I am harassed when I pull around to the front of the stadium to pick up my fellow volunteers even though this is where the Braves organization has told us to pick up volunteers at and Cobb County PD that works there has been told numerous times. So once again in my mind it just boils down to Cobb County PD has a poor attitude when it comes to Rideshare drivers because essentially we have cut out a large portion of the police departments income due to us really cutting down the number of drunk driving cases that they would typically have generated revenue with in the past.

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