Riding to help PTSD Veterans

(Source: WGCL)

Dozens of motorcycle riders will put their kickstands up Saturday in Jasper to raise money to help save veteran's lives.

"We have about 22 veterans take their lives every day. A lot of them now are from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan dealing with combat traumas," Dan Solla, Community Outreach Organizer for the PTSD Foundation of America's Atlanta Chapter said.

The group offers several services to combat vets. It's main program is Camp Hope. Located in Houston, Texas the 4 to 6 month program works with veterans who have severe PTSD.

"I enlisted as an infantry rifleman shortly after 9/11. In 2002," Solla said.

Dan Solla celebrated his 19th birthday in Baghdad while serving a 15 month deployment there. But his real struggles came after he left the military.

"There was no transition period for me. I went right back to normal life. Went to college, went to grad school. I eventually found myself in a situation where I needed a lot more help than the VA had to offer," Solla said.

Solla spent 6 months at Camp Hope. Now he is helping launch the PTSD foundation of America's Atlanta Chapter.

Leo Schrader is a veteran and is organizing Saturday's bike ride.

"Veterans are a cause. We got to take care of these guys and gals that are coming back from war," Schrader said.

The route is 100 miles long.

"It's a poker run. So we're gonna have 5 stops along the way. We'll have a bunch of volunteers out there assisting our riders as they come in," Schrader said.

Registration begins at 9am at the Appalachian Gun Shop in Jasper. The ride will end at Rocco's Pub in Jasper where an American Flag that flew over the American Embassy in Jerusalem will be auctioned off. For more information click here.


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