Rockdale County Confederate monument removal

CONYERS, Ga. (CBS46) -- A 107-year-old statue honoring Confederate soldiers was removed late Wednesday night from the grounds of the Rockdale County Courthouse.

Protesters and supporters gathered to watch contractors remove the monument.

Citizens received little notice about the removal. In a video posted to the county's Facebook page Wednesday, Rockdale County Commission Chairman Oz Nesbitt Sr. said he had made the executive decision to remove the statue.

"The people have spoken. This was time to be responsive and not always reactive," said Nesbitt. "It's a bittersweet thing tonight. The decisions is on my shoulders to keep the citizens safe at all times."

The monument is the latest to removed in Georgia. Nesbitt said he hopes the statue will be relocated to the Old Conyers Cemetery.

Some citizens appeared ready to challenge the legality of the statue's removal.

Under Georgia law, it's illegal for a monument dedicated to a historical entity or historically significant religious, civil, civil rights, political, social, cultural events, or military events -- including events of the Confederacy -- to be "relocated, removed, concealed, obscured, or altered in any fashion."   

“Mr. Nesbitt believes he can break state law and not have any consequences, that he can make an executive decision without talking to the residents of Rockdale County," said Buddy Sumner who watched the dismantling of the statue. "That’s what’s upsetting.”

When asked whether he had the legal authority to remove the statue in Conyers, Nesbitt said, “All of the legalities of all of that will be worked out in due time, but I will tell you this. There’s nothing more important for a chairman of any county to do than to keep his or her citizens safe.”

In neighboring DeKalb County, leaders appeared to get around the state law when a judge ordered the removal of a controversial Confederate obelisk in early June from Decatur Square, agreeing with county leaders that the monument had become a public nuisance.

Throughout metro Atlanta, there is an ongoing push to rename streets with Confederate ties.


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I got home around 3 AM July 1, 2020, It is now after 4 AM. It has taken me this long to settle down because I witnessed a murder tonight.A MURDER in Conyers, GA. A PREMEDITATED. COLD BLOODED MURDER, Committed by none other than the Rockdale County Commissioner Oz Nesbitt. It was a Long Grueling Torturous ordeal. The victim never had a chance and did not even get a hearing. The conspiracy started very quietly a few days ago. It was talked about in secret and in hushed tones lest anyone find out what was going to happen. Then the threat was made public earlier today. Oz BOASTED that he would "make history" tonight. Well he did. At 10:00PM on this evening of June 30. 2020 I saw the figure of a young American, A White Southern boy, unceremoniously hoisted by his neck and left there to hang for over an hour before he was finally brought to the ground.

OZ and his faithful "Race vigilantes" had not killed "just any person" They MURDERED the "Rule of Law" and left for dead ANY chance for there to be ANY healing of the Racial divide that HE and his BLM thugs seem to want to perpetuate.

You see, what Oz did was IGNORE Georgia State Law. He not only ignored it but 'Spit in it's face." In Premeditated and Direct violation of Georgia Code Title 50-3-1 He did, in fact, REMOVE a Confederate Statue from Public Property. ALL without ANY hearing, review or comment from the Citizens of Rockdale County.

I witnessed a Murder Tonight and I will NEVER be the same[sad]

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