Roy Moore still has his supporters in rural Alabama


The lunchtime roll of the freight train is the loudest thing you'll hear in small town Cleburne County Alabama.

And depending on who you talk to there, the response is either equally loud or silent.

We found it almost impossible to get women here to talk on the record. Reluctant it appears, to publicly question female accusers.

Almost all though, told us off camera, they support Roy Moore and believe he is innocent until proven guilty. "Aint none of them lily whites," said Rance Meadows, talking about politicians in general.

When asked if the allegations are enough to make him not vote for Moore, he replied, "No, I dont believe they are true."

When asked why people around town still supported Moore, he replied, " He stands for christian values. God. Thats what the country needs."

At a nearby shop in Heflin, we met George Bowden.

"I believe he is a fine fellow," he says of Moore.

"He stood up for the statue--why would people wait 30 years to bring out something."

When asked if Moore still had his vote, he replied, "I sure am, yeah."

Spending a few minutes with Bowden and a few other men in the shop, we got a candid glimpse into what folks like them are truly thinking.

"He [Moore] was not much more than a kid himself," said one of the men of Moore at the time of the alleged incidents.

"I dont see the problem you seem to be making it out to be. I am gonna vote for him. He's got an R after his name."

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