The shirtless man who was hosed down and taken into custody Tuesday morning after prompting a S.W.A.T. standoff at a McDonald's restaurant that ended after officers deployed tear gas has been identified.

Authorities say 36-year-old Derrick Hall has been arrested numerous times in Gwinnett County. He is charged with terrorisitic threats and criminal trespassing from Tuesday's events.

The incident began around 4:30 a.m. at the McDonald's location on Sugarloaf Parkway at Cruse Road near Lawrenceville. Police say employees saw the man possibly doing drugs and asked him to leave. Instead, he fled to the bathroom and refused to come out.

Responding officers realized he had a knife.

“He was actively making threats towards our officers saying that he was going to kill them," said Cpl. Michele Pihera of the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Soon, S.W.A.T. officers surrounded the restaurant. A negotiator tried to reason with the man as investigators obtained warrants for terroristic threats and criminal trespass, police said.

“During that four to four-and-a-half-hour time frame, the suspect was inside the men’s restroom actively destroying that restroom, taking the urinal off the wall, busting some pipes," said Pihera, "so it was important that we get him in custody as quickly as possible so he couldn’t do any more damage, not only to the restaurant, but to himself as well.”

Soon afterward, a CBS46 camera captured what appeared to be a flash bang. Eventually, officers sent a robot into the restaurant, followed by the deployment of a type of tear gas. At that point, officers were able to take the man into custody.

Pihera explained why firefighters and officers on the scene used a fire hose to decontaminate the man.

“He’s got warrants for his arrest," she said, "so the more we decontaminate him here, the better, so that if he goes to the jail or hospital or wherever they’re going to transport him, we’re not contaminating those facilities as well.”

Police are working to identify the man. He's currently in the Gwinnett County Jail.

SWAT Update: The suspect is now in custody.— Gwinnett Police Dept (@GwinnettPd) April 3, 2018

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