Sales tax increase could bring much-needed public transportation

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Would you pay more in taxes to make your commute a little less hectic? That's the question being posed to voters in a few metro Atlanta counties.

Bills currently moving through the state house require residents in more than a dozen counties to vote on a referendum to pay for the project. It would mean a one cent sales tax increase.

The possible legislation would bring mass transit to suburban Atlanta counties like Cobb, Gwinnett and Clayton, who have historically rejected MARTA and other mass transportation services. But with so much growth over the years, mass transit options are becoming almost unavoidable.

The idea of bringing mass transportation options to the communities is getting mixed reviews from residents.

"Right now, we just have the bus. There's not as many drivers as there should be. A lot of the time, the buses, they're late a little bit depending on which one you get on. A rail system would solve all the issues that we currently have," said Steven Williamson, who frequently uses mass transit to get to work.

Cobb County District 2 Commissioner Bob Ott says he's not sure if everybody is on board with the idea.

"I think it's more of a discussion of does everybody in the county want it? Do you put the transit where you know there's a lot of folks that need transit in this area and in South Cobb and folks in East and West Cobb don't necessarily want it," said Ott.

Cobb County commissioners say they're not agreeing without some kind of compromise. They want local control over how the transit system will work in their area. They also want some of the money to go to other areas of the county to help people who won't use the transit system.

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