FULTON COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Stolen property from Roswell could be linked to a larger crime spree in the metro area. 

Earlier this week, we told you about a pair of home invasions in Sandy Springs. As of now, police have not said they are connected.

Roswell Police tell us property from stolen cars in Roswell was found in a "suspect vehicle" linked to a home invasion Sandy Springs. However, police say the connection between the suspects and the crimes in Roswell is unclear.

In Sandy Springs, the police department is encouraging people to crime-proof their homes to help deter criminals.

"You can always have cameras, you can always have alarm systems in place and these things do help prevent, they serve as a deterrent," said Sergeant Salvador Ortega.

Sgt. Ortega says the department even offers a free service to help. "We have officers that are certified in what is called CPTED and we can come out to their home, to their businesses and just do an assessment. We look at the lights outside of your home, we look at the bushes to make sure that they're properly trimmed and make sure the cameras are pointing to where they're supposed to be."

He also says license-plate reading cameras in neighborhoods could also be beneficial. "Let's say there's a stolen car and it goes into your neighborhood, it immediately sends a notification to police and we do know, based on experience, criminals tend to drive stolen cars."

The tips come after two home invasions in the city last weekend. Friday night, police say five people forced their way into a home on Northside Drive and held a mother and daughter at gunpoint. The incident report says they took two stolen cars.

Then early Sunday, police say five armed people went into a home on Aberdeen Drive.

Law enforcement found a car in Dooly County matching the description of the car at that scene.

After a brief chase, the car crashed, ignited and several people were seen running from the scene.

Three of the suspects were identified and charged.

However, they have not been charged with other home invasions and it's unclear if they're connected.

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