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Atlanta, GA (CBS46) Atlanta rapper 21 Savage has been released from ICE custody at the Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla, according to his legal team.

Supporters of the rapper rallied outside the Atlanta Immigration Court pushing for his release on Tuesday.

Inside, the rapper and his attorneys appeared before an immigration court judge to argue for bond, which was ultimately granted.

“21 was very excited,” his immigration attorney Charles Kuck told CBS46’s Hayley Mason. “He thanked the judge when he granted him bond. He is very appreciative to be able to rejoin his family and his children and to get back to his music career.”

The rapper was arrested on Super Bowl weekend and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for being in the country on an expired VISA. ICE reported that the rapper, whose real name is She’Yaa Bin Abraham Joseph, is from London. ICE reported that the rapper has felony drug convictions and was subsequently denied bond.

His attorney maintains conviction reports are not true.

“He has no criminal convictions, none whatsoever,” Kuck told CBS46. “The judge confirmed that. ICE was wrong when they released that information because they simply had not checked the actual databases. We wanted people to know that 21 Savage has never been convicted of a crime and is what the court calls a person of good moral character which is why we will ultimately win his permanent residence in the United States.”

The arrest happened just days before 21 Savage was set to perform at the Grammys.

“Obviously, he missed a very important opportunity to be with his fans and to sing at the Grammy’s this weekend, but he is going to redouble his efforts and his music will continue to impact us,” Kuck told CBS46. “He is simply excited to get back to the life that he has,” he added.

Immigration attorneys all over the country are following the case. Atlanta-based immigration attorney Glenn Fogle tells CBS46 bond hearings are supposed to happen within 3 days, but the system is severely backed up.

“As we’ve seen here in Atlanta sometimes it’s two weeks,” Fogle said. “Sometimes it’s three weeks. Sometimes even a month. The immigration courts are flooded right now and the I can tell you that the government shutdown has made things even worse. So, for him to get a bond within a week is very good.”

21 Savage’s mother is a permanent U.S. resident and his father resides in the United Kingdom. After becoming a shooting victim, 21 applied for a “U-Visa” in 2017 which is designated for victims of violent crimes. However, it could take up to four years for it to be decided on.

It’s currently pending.

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