Scammer hijacks rapper Shawty Lo account; asks for hundreds of dollars

Source: WGCL

A scammer hijacked a late hip hop legend's social media account for money. It all started when someone got into Shawty Lo's Instagram account.

It was almost a year and a half ago when a fiery car crash took the life of Carlos Walker, better known as rapper Shawty Lo. Now it seems someone is using his death to get some cash.

"I just wish people would just let him rest in peace," said Johnnie Cabbell.

Johnnie Cabbell was the music star's manager and friend. He says earlier this week Walker's Instagram account was hacked. Friends and followers were sent a direct message that says he's Shawty Lo's son, then asks for hundreds of dollars for their dad's headstone.

"It was coming from his page and it's verified so when you see that blue check. It's like maybe this is real."

Cabbell says it's a complete scam, telling me Walker's gravesite has had a marker since he was buried.

So we went to the College Park cemetery with another one of Walker's long time friends. Our cameras found a marker with an engraving of the late legend's name.

"We have no idea who this is, why they would want to do something like this, it's hurtful. It's just sad that they have to use someones death to take of advantage of innocent people and try to use it for their own personal gain."

Friends who CBS46 talked to say they're not sure if anyone paid the hackers. They've shut down the Instagram page so whoever is behind this can't do it again.

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