Health inspectors arriving at Bethune Middle School on Covington Highway near Wesley Chapel on Tuesday reported a cafeteria with a lot of problems, including falsifying documents, cockroaches to lack of soap.

The county inspectors' stinging report pushed DeKalb County School District leaders to corrective action.

First, the problems:

-Milk and salad stored too hot, hot dogs and turkey not hot enough.

-Violations include improper hand washing, not enough soap in the boys bathroom. And memorably, the insects.

-Live roach activity in the kitchen and staff restroom

-Dead cockroaches in the serving line and dry storage

One violation may have seemed to inspectors to be particularly infuriating.

"Employee is observed filling out a temp log by recording prior times and temperatures during inspection."

Bethune teaches over 880 students, grades 6 to 8, and dozens of teachers and staff.

Last inspectors graded the school cafeteria an A. But in October 2017, the principal's conduct cost Bethune its leader. Principal Myron Broome was accused of getting drunk and sexually groping another school administrator at a conference in Macon.

The district announced his firing fired in January 2018.

Health Department records indicate no inspection since August 2017. A new principal is leading the school today, appointed four months ago.

The health department's citations demand immediate correction of these violations:

-More soap in the boys' bathrooms nearest the cafeteria.

-Detectable levels of ammonium sanitizer in the 2 buckets along the serving line.

-Employee who picked up trash and discarded it, then moved a pan of cooked hot dogs without washing hands.

The School System responded quickly, sending a note home with students. A statement from the district says "corrective action was put in motion immediately."

What those corrective actions are the district statement did not say.

What happens next?

The health department's usual actions are a speedy re-inspection.

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