School threats cost police thousands

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In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Florida, there have been numerous threats of school violence.

Deana Whalen said she talks some sense into her child everyday before school in Paulding County. And who wouldn’t with violence becoming so prevalent.

"I don’t think that the kids realize that it’s an issue. I don’t think that they’re taking it seriously," said Paulding County School Parent Deana Whalen.

A couple of days ago, a 17-year-old student at North Paulding High School texted a friend and said their was an active gunman about to enter classrooms. But Sgt. Ashley Henson said it turned out to be a hoax and the student has been charged with two felonies.

"We’ve got to stop it," said Henson. "We’ve got to have a clear, strong message that this will not be tolerated whether it’s in Paulding County or any other county in the state of Georgia or our country. It’s got to stop."

Each time a threat is reported, officers drop what they’re doing, rush to the scene and have no choice but to leave other areas of the county unprotected, including other schools.

"Parents have got to take control of their children’s social media accounts," said Henson. "They’ve got to monitor them, they’ve got to look at them and they’ve got to find out what they’re posting and what they’re saying.

A bogus threat can also cost law enforcement departments hundreds of thousands of dollars to deploy resources to the scene.

"The next time it might not be bogus," said Whalen.

And that’s why Whalen said we’ve got to do more than just hold the kids accountable.

"I think we need more resource officers," said Whalen. "I think we need to find a way to put it in the budget. I think we need metal detectors. I’m okay with metal detectors. My husband is a retired marine. Find a way to get him in there during certain pockets of the day."

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