GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s office said nearly thirty sex offenders are not where they’re supposed to be. Officials need the public's help in locating the offenders. 

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare,” Deputy Shannon Volkodav of the Gwinnett county Sheriff’s office said.

The thought of convicted sexual predators lurking in your neighborhood.

“So we have a sex offender registry unit and we have staff assigned to work full-time monitoring sex offenders in Gwinnett county,” Volkodav explained.

Deputy Shannon Volkodav of the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office told CBS46 News there are close to 700 registered Sex offenders in Gwinnett County.

121 are behind bars, 535 are free living in the community.

“It’s very important that someone is keeping an eye on every registered sex offender,” Volkodav said.

So this year the Sex Offender registry unit knocked on over 2900 doors to ensure those offenders are where their supposed to be.  They said 29 are not.

“Sex offenders are required to notify us if they have a change of residence and when they don’t do that they’re in violation of the law,” Volkodav explained.

The 29 missing offenders have a history of charges ranging from sexual assault to child molestation.

“Pretty much any sexual crime you can imagine,” Volkodav told CBS46 News.

The Sherriff’s office asked for your to help track them down.

If you know their whereabouts, your asked to call the sex offenders registry unit at 770-619-6806 and report they location.

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This is a most irresponsible article, ratcheting up fear in the community for no reason. Unknown persons lurking in the neighborhoods, registered sexual offenders or not, are not who parents needs to be concerned with when it comes to sexual harm to their children. It is those they know, those in their children's lives on a regular basis, the relatives, peers, and authority figures of their children, who, if their children are molested, will be the perpetrators. Statistically, those parents who you are attempting to terrify with talk of "sexual criminals" are at greater risk of molesting their children than any stranger or "sexual criminal."

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