ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- One thing Latinos definitely know how to do is throw a party. A recent celebration was for the opening of Atlanta’s latest movie lot.

Aztec Warrior Studios is owned by Gonzalo Marquez, who is only the second Latino in Georgia to own a movie studio. 

“We are so excited that we got into this with the Spanish community,” said Marquez.

Marquez is a true American dream story. He moved from Mexico to Atlanta over 20 years ago. He invested in real estate and soon realized movie making is a big business in Georgia.

“I think right now we are in a time in the USA history that it’s open to everybody of different cultures. USA is still the number one country in the world for opportunities, it’s been like that for 100 years and it's still strong.” 

Aztec Warrior Studios is tucked away in Decatur. The 20 thousand square foot lot is fully equipped with film capabilities. It also has a wing dedicated to audio production.

And the venue has a broadcasting tower so that tv shows can broadcast from the facility live or pre-recorded.

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby shot his latest music video there.

“Ideally we just want to become a new resource for productions when they come to town so they can have another option to add to the Georgia infrastructure, which is going really fast,” said Mark Wilson, Wilson's business partner.

With Wilson comes with plenty of movie making knowledge from his many years of experience. 

“Besides the needs for accommodating outside projects are going to be, shooting your own contacts, well yes, that’s the goal to be a part of Georgia creative circle that starting here,” said Wilson.

He’s helping Marquez navigate through the movie industry. And together they hope to create movie magic

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