Secret shopper scams on the rise

(Source: WGCL)

Millions of people go shopping everyday, so finding a job where you shop sounds like a good deal.

"Easy way to make a little bit of side money and it was through a home shopping survey."

This man who doesn't want to be identified thought he'd found the perfect job when he saw a post on Linkedin.

"It was somebody I worked with 10 years ago and they were at a VP level and thought they had some good integrity," says the unidentified victim.

So, he clicked the link and that's when his troubles started.

"And the link sent me a text saying I was approved and they would be sending me instructions in the mail," says Duluth Police Officer Ted Sadowski. "Some of it will look legitimate. I've seen some of the ads and they will actually pass the first glance test."

CBS46 learned the job posting was a scam from Duluth Police.

It's one they say has increased in popularity in their district to where they are seeing nearly 10 cases of it a month.

Police say those who sign up for the job are sent checks.

"They are instructed to put that check into their bank and immediately start using that money to buy gift cards," says Sadowski.

The unidentified victim CBS46 spoke with, says the check he was given bounced.

"You always feel like somebody pulled one on your and of course it hurts to lose the money," he says.

It's a lesson learned the hard way.

Now he and police are trying to save others from making the same mistake.

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