DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Cameras have caught two reckless drivers involved in a demolition derby style incident in DeKalb County. 

“Right here, this is where the kids are playing when the weathers nice,” said Scott Davidson who witnessed the event.

Davidson's sons were only a short time away from playing in their yard where the crashing cars came through.

On Tuesday two cars flew through the neighborhood using multiple front yards as their battle grounds in a mad-max-style bout.

“You see a truck following close behind it and kind of smash into the back quarter-panel and come driving right through the front yard, right toward me.”

Neighbors were left shaken by their experience.

“I mean it’s scary, look how close it got to their house,” said Wally Brunton who's camera caught the action.

The cars came within feet of crashing into houses and had it happened a short time later young lives would have been on the line.

“I was absolutely sick to my stomach about the potential of what could have happened,“ added Brunton.

The community is now trying to identify the truck in the footage which has a blue symbol on the side, in hopes of getting an explanation as to why such abhorrent behavior was carried out.

“It does make you feel powerless as a parent even though your best intentions are to make sure your kids are safe. There's nothing you can do in a situation like that.”

Neighbors said it took over an hour for police to respond that day and only took a report over the phone.

The cars caused yard damage and possible damage to septic lines, which neighbors want paid for by those responsible.

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