More than 250 pedestrians lost their lives in Georgia last year and some of those tragedies happened in school zones. Now some want to make it legal for local governments to place speed cameras in school zones.

"My child goes to a school less than 10-feet-away from where she was struck," said Rep. Erica Thomas. "That could have been my child."

State Representative Erica Thomas demanded action following the tragic death of Lindley Middle School crossing guard Edna Umeh.

"Something needs to happen so that people are safe when they are crossing these roads," said Thomas.

The driver of a red car pulled into the turn lane to go around other cars at a high rate of speed. He then struck and killed 64-year-old Umeh.

"This is such a safer way to enforce the laws and much more reliable," said Sally Flocks.

Sally Flocks is an advocate for pedestrian safety and said some are now backing Senate Bill 435 which would allow local governments to install cameras in school zones.

"This kind of technology has been deployed in 75 countries around the world for 30 years and so this is a proven measure of safety," said Flocks.

If passed, it would be up to local jurisdictions to decide if and where the cameras would be needed to deter speeding.

"When you look at the numbers that 259 people last year lost their lives while walking in Georgia it’s unthinkable that somebody would oppose using tools that would fight that," said Flocks.

That said, a handful of key senators have opposed this idea in the past and could be poised to block the legislation again. CBS46 contacted each of the senators you see on your screen and they all declined to comment.

"I find it hard to believe that people don’t want to protect children from speeding cars," said Flocks. "These are going to have signs out that indicate. It’s not like it’s a sneaky thing."

The legislation will need to make it out of the Senate by Wednesday which is crossover day for it to have a chance of becoming reality.

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