Senators Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff toured Newnan Saturday, following that devastating tornado that ripped through the community just three weeks ago.

Both senators saw and felt the impact of the catastrophe that hit Newnan as they walked through the community with leaders, and now they are promising to help them get the support they need to rebuild their lives.

It ripped apart their homes and tore apart many of their lives.

“Numerous lives lost, I mean you see strangers helping strangers, you see people that just got out the next day, with chainsaws and started working,” a Newnan resident said.

The Newnan community is now putting their hands together to help one another rebuild, after a thrashing tornado destroyed their hometown just three weeks ago.

“Milk, cabbage, potatoes a lot of it is perishable so we’re working to get as much of this food pasted out as we can,” One Newnan resident said who was passing out food to residents in need.

Senators Warnock and Ossoff saw the aftermath for themselves for the first time Saturday.

“Deeply humbling to see the power of nature, the damage that’s been done to so many homes, so many families,” Senator John Ossoff said.

The National Weather Service said more than 1,800 homes, businesses, churches even schools were destroyed, 400 families were displaced and the tornado also accounted for one death.

“It’s clear to us that it is certainly deep, it is expensive and the people of this region that we have your back,” Senator Warnock said.

Both senators are now vowing to be the voice for Newnan relief efforts, at the state and federal level.

“We will be requesting that the administration declare this a major disaster. We will briefing federal emergency management officials jointly on Monday to share with them what we have seen today. We will be communicating closely with the mayor the council and the commission to determine what additional federal support may be available,” Senator Ossoff said.

It's still unclear how many state and federal dollars may find their way to Newnan, but according to Coweta County Emergency Management officials, if approved help could come in the next two to six weeks.

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