When you’re more than 300 miles from home, there’s nothing better than southern hospitality.

"It’s a vacation," a senior citizen said.

And for a group of senior citizens from Somerby Senior Living, it's a spur of the moment trip to Fairburn, Georgia to escape mother nature.

"Many were helped to get patients or residents off the bus by carrying them. I was able to walk off so it went fine. But I had two firemen helping me. It was just wonderful. I really felt welcome by the community," said Margaret Schuh, an evacuee.

And the Wingate Hotel in Fulton County is their new home away from home, after Hurricane Florence forced them out of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Already, they’ve found plenty to do to pass the time during their stay.

"I painted Mrs. Mary over there. I painted her hot pink, she got hot pink," said Keta Smith, a caregiver.

Like getting their nails done, telling war stories and sharing a little love. It’s the caregivers and one lone volunteer who know how to provide peace during a time of uncertainty.

"When I watched the news last night I saw that they were here at the Wingate Hotel and I was like I can’t wait to get up tomorrow to help these people out. They need help," said Linda Rogers, a volunteer.

Many people have dropped by the hotel donating food, water and games to keep the seniors entertained. But what they're really looking for is some visitors to come by and spend time with them.

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