MACON, Ga. (CBS46) The FBI is working with local police to match three metro Atlanta victim confessions to convicted murderer Samuel Little.

Little, who may be the most prolific serial killer in American history is already matched to 34 slayings nationwide.

In Macon, Georgia, word quickly got around that a prolific serial killer once walked the streets in this southern city.

"We lived a few blocks from here," said Eddie Smith. Smith and his sister Fredonia often played in Washington Park. Close in age, the two siblings were inseparable.

"A lot of people thought we was twins," said Smith.

His childhood memories were shattered in July of 1982 when Fredonia was murdered. "They found her body over there," said Smith as he pointed to an area with bushes and trees.

Local police may have found her body but not her killer. Eddie admits he blamed Fredonia's ex-boyfriend since they had just broken up.

"Me and a cousin went back to kill him,"admitted Smith. "I had a gun and it had to be the lord working in my favor because I'm not a killer."

Smith continued by explaining how his plan for revenge failed because the boyfriend wasn't home. Since then, Eddie has spent more than 30 years blaming the wrong man.

Time ticked on. "I am still hurting. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep,"said Smith.

This past October, investigators called and told Smith that they figured out who killed his sister.

"I said Thank you Jesus." said Smith. "That was the first thing that came out of my mouth. First I was excited, then there was a lot of hatred."

It was serial killer Samuel Little who has confessed to killing more than 90 women across the county, beginning in the 1970's. Investigators were able to match Little's confession to Fredonia Smith's cold case.

"He approached my sister and they got into a fight and he strangled her," said Smith. "Then he drug her body to the bushes over there."

News coverage from 1982 shows the family's pain at the beginning of the 36-year mystery. "They didn't live to see the person responsible confess," said Smith.

Eddie lived to see that the man he was ready to kill was innocent and against all practical odds, a serial killer was behind it all.

"I'd love to ask him why did you have to kill my sister?" stated Smith.

Smith said through his faith he is able to forgive Little but he still does not feel like he has closure because he has not been able to confront him.

Unfortunately, families will likely not get that chance because investigators said Little is too old and sick to stand trial in Georgia.

The FBI said investigators are still working at confirming Little's other confessions.

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