Several whistle blowers allege financial misconduct within North Paulding HS Touchdown Club

Source: WGCL

Allegations of financial misconduct within the North Paulding High School Touchdown Club continues to emerge.

In our original story, a whistle blower came forward documenting some questionable financial practices with the club. Since then, several people associated with the organization are also voicing concern.

“From what I’ve seen and the evidence I’ve seen, it clearly looks like someone is stealing,“ said the latest whistle blower who's identity is also being disgusted out of fear of retaliation.

The first whistle blower’s accusations involved bank deposits being shorted but now a second whistle blower tells CBS46 the allegations go beyond the bank deposits to include missing money from cash fundraisers.

“You buy these goods and let’s say you mark them up 50 %, you would think that at the end of the season or whatever, that you would have 50% more in revenue but when you look at the books that’s not the case” said the whistle blower.

The minutes from the Touchdown Club’s January meeting also documented the discrepancy, one of the line in the document states, “It’s is not clear if concessions made or lost money this season.”

And, the latest whistle blower says the current financial practices made it easy for funds and items for sale to just disappear.

“I don’t think that the goods in the concession stand were ever inventoried. Looking from the outside in, you would think one either someone is stealing from the cash draw or someone is stealing the good and using them elsewhere for something,” added the whistle blower. "People taking money home and counting it later by themselves, people reimbursing themselves out of the cash draw so to speak."

Our whistle blowers says when questions were raised about the missing money a cover-up began. Another line from the club’s meeting minutes states “the BOD has been dissolved and now will move to being a transitional board.

“I think that occurred simply as a tool to get rid of people on the board that they didn’t want on the board because they were being vocal about trying to find out what was happening with the finances,” added the whistle blower.

We did reach out the school district and while they were not available for an on camera interview they did tell us they are directing the North Paulding Touchdown club to conduct an independent audit. The district says they have also informed law enforcement about the matter and what happens next will depend on the audit results.

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