UNION COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Nearly 50 high school students were caught sexting after a parent’s tip led to an investigation.

Union County school officials said they are shocked and concerned after learning of the results of a teen sexting investigation. It’s the talk of the community this week.

“I know a lot of kids from my church that apparently were involved in this as well,” Teresa Lovallo told CBS46 NEWS.

A Union County investigation revealed 46 students at Union County High School were involved in a sexting ring.

Union County High School Sign 03/14/2019

“Yes sir it was very concerning to us,” Union County Superintendent John Hill said.

Hill said school officials learned just how prevalent the problem was Tuesday. Hill told CBS46 News he met with the County’s District attorney this week. He learned teen sexting is child pornography and thus a felony.

“We learned that a lot of the things that happened after the kids went to bed. So they had their cellular device to go to bed and mom and dad think they’re asleep and they’re really not asleep,” Hill explained.

Hill said county officials decided not to press charges against the teens. But that doesn’t mean the photos won’t still be damaging down the road.

Hill said the problem is nationwide and one that all parents need to make themselves aware of.

“When kids are going to bed and they wake up very, very tired; if they have their cellular device or computer, that should be something that parents should consider investigating,” Hill said.

Hill explained taking action now could save your teen down the road. He said the students caught sexting range in age from freshmen to seniors. All received punishments ranging from suspension to being removed from Union County High School and placed into alternative schools.

CBS46 Reporter

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