The GBI says 39-year-old, Tierre Guthrie, is the man responsible for shooting three law enforcement officers Friday.

Neighbors said Guthrie lived in his Locust Grove home with his girlfriend and three sons.

Visitors to Guthrie's house are served with conflicting images. There are U.S. Marine Corps emblems on the semi-truck in his driveway, but on the front door of his house, there is a symbol of a radical group that does not recognize the authority of government.

CBS46 learned the symbol is a variation of the Moroccan flag, which is known to be associated with an obscure sovereign citizen group. Sovereign citizens believe, among other things, that police have no right to enter their homes.

He was a truck driver by trade, who used to spend most of his time on the road and away from his house, but recently, neighbors said it didn't look like he was getting many jobs.

"After the baby was born. All of the sudden, the truck never left," said neighbor, Dory Kissner, "I have no idea how they were making ends meet. I was very concerned about that."

In August of last year, Locust Grove code enforcement wrote Guthrie a citation for having a commercial truck in his driveway.

A city spokesperson explained that any truck weighing more than 26,000 lbs., or any trailer carrying equipment more than 10,000 lbs., can't be parked in a neighborhood like Guthrie's. The spokesperson explained, most truck drivers in similar situations bring their rigs to a special lot. CBS46 found one several miles away that charges about $125 a month.

The penalty in Locust Grove for keeping a commercial truck in your driveway is $1000, and up to 30 days in jail for repeat offenders. That's what Guthrie was facing when deputies came to arrest him for not showing up to a February 7 court hearing for the citation.

Locust Grove Police said Guthrie preferred to shoot it out rather than go with them, and it ended with his death, a Locust grove officer's death, and two Henry County deputies wounded.

The Locust Grove officer has been identified as 26-year-old Chase Maddox.

Maddox has been with the Locust Grove Police Dept. for five years.Chase Maddox with his wife and child. (Source: Facebook)

Both Henry County deputies were transported with serious injuries. One is in serious condition and is in surgery at this time, and the other is listed in fair condition. The two deputies have been identified as Michael Corley and Ralph Sidwell Callaway.

The GBI is releasing the names of the three officers in today’s Henry County shooting: Fallen Locust Grove Officer Chase Maddox, Henry County Sheriff’s Deputies Michael D. Corley (pic 2) & Ralph Sidwell “Sid” Callaway (pic 3)— GA Bureau of Invest (@GBI_GA) February 9, 2018

The suspect was fatally shot four times, with two of those wounds being to the chest.

(Law enforcement escorted both deputies as they were transported to the Atlanta Medical Center.)

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating.

Donations can be made the Maddox Family Support GoFundMe page



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