State Representative Viola Davis called a snap town hall to hear from homeowners who said many short-term rental properties and homes used as businesses are turning their neighborhoods into nightmares.

“This was an emergency meeting because I have received several complaints about pad split, short term rentals,” said State Rep. Viola Davis, D-Stone Mountain.

Complaints came thick and fast.

“The Airbnb was a constant party every weekend, we found people having sex outside between cars,” said Susan DeGrace.

“Party house in our neighborhood the house has a pool and recently the homeowner has been hosting pool parties charging to park the yard $100 a car and $40 to get in,” said Jeffery who lives in the Stone Mountain area.

The last house in question in Stone Mountain, homeowners said the house has already had five parties this year. Each time with hundreds of people and cars, and have another one coming up.

“Someone did call the police, but the police did not show,” said Jerome Wilkins.

Homeowners in Dekalb County said during the meeting they tried to work with many of the owners and companies that list short term rentals to no avail.

Even seeking help from code enforcement.

“As for code enforcement don’t get me started we’ve seen it for decades,” said Mike Cooper.

The story echoed in Atlanta.

“The person who runs a lot of the short-term rentals in Home Park is a friendly guy who I've had pleasent conversations with," said Ted Freeman who lives in Home Park. "But the short term rentals are just not sustainable and they’re devastating to the neighbors, We’ve noticed an extreme amount of drug use, we’ve had gunshots.”

The latest incident happening early morning on July 22 at around 1am. Neighbors said fire, EMS and police attended an incident at a short term rental in the Home Park area.

“Asked the ER tech what’s up man and he said it’s another one of these Airbnb crap that happens all the time,” said Ted. 

Rep. Davis said there is work being done to rectify these problems at the state level.

“We’re trying to balance the property rights of homeownership and the property rights of those who want to use their investment,” said Rep. Davis.

As far as the city of Atlanta goes CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy spoke with the president of a neighborhood association who said Atlanta City Planning Commissioner Tim Keane is working on a plan to enforce zoning codes in areas of the city where short term rentals can be classified as businesses, making them illegal in the family housing areas. The plan will also involve APD.

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