ATLANTA (CBS46) -- A large sinkhole on Kittridge Magnet School’s soccer field has parents concerned.

“It’s beyond frustrating. It’s a safety concern,” Gary Harris told CBS46 NEWS.

Gary Harris and his family live across the street from Kittridge magnet school. Harris said one day while walking the school’s soccer field he discovered a 12 by 20-foot sink hole.

“All I see when I look at that is an accident with children waiting to happen, and it’s an accident that’s been there for four and a half months,” Harris explained.

Harris said since December he’s contacted The DeKalb County School District countless times asking them to fix the sinkhole.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger,” Harris told CBS46 NEWS.

Since that time, only caution tape’s been placed around the sinkhole.

Soccer Sinkhole

Parents are frustrated as this sinkhole on the soccer field of Kittridge Magnet School continues to grow.

“When I was a little boy a piece of tape didn’t stop me from anything…Somebody is going to double dog dare somebody and then who knows what’s going to happen,” Harris said.

To the district Harris said this...

“Be a good neighbor and fix this thing. it’s just that simple.”

CBS46's Trason Bragg reached out to the district, they sent this statement:

Due to the wet weather that has not let up this spring, the field cannot hold the weight of the equipment and trucks of gravel that are needed to repair the sinkhole. The soccer field will be damaged if the ground has not dried enough to handle the weight. The soccer association has put a lot of time and money to make that field playable. We will evaluate again this week to determine if the repair can be made.

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