Sister of man shot during officer-involved shooting searches for answers


A family is searching for answers after their loved one was shot during an officer-involved shooting in DeKalb County. Kevin Davis' death sparked serious concern among some community members.

The family's attorney says the circumstances surrounding the shooting are disturbing and the case warrants an independent investigation.

The family's attorney says Kevin Davis was wounded five times. They say he's an innocent man who didn't deserve to die. They say he was just calling 911 to report someone had stabbed his girlfriend.

Kevin Davis' sister, Delisa, said she is not satisfied with how the DeKalb County Police Department handled the situation.

"We just want to see the GBI open up an investigation so we can have another set of eyes on this" said Kevin Davis' sister, Delisa Davis.

Police received a 911 call about a stabbing back in December of 2014 at an apartment complex on Pinetree Circle in Decatur. The officer who responded said he heard yelling and screaming coming from Kevin Davis' apartment.

"According to witness statements, he banged on the door, and upon banging on the door announcing himself as DeKalb Police, DeKalb Police, there was no response," said DeKalb Police Chief Cedric Alexander.

Police said when the responding officer noticed the door was unlocked, he slowly opened it and a pit bull lunged at him aggressively, and he shot the dog. The DeKalb Police Department says as the officer walked back to that apartment, and he saw Davis with a gun in his hand.

"Officer Pitts stated to Mr. Davis ‘Drop your weapon, drop your weapon'. Mr. Davis did not adhere to command," said Alexander.

The department said the officer felt his life was in danger, and he felt threatened.

But Davis' sister said she doesn't think he gave her brother a chance to put down his gun. She says her brother had a gun because he thought the man who stabbed his girlfriend had come back.

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