ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – Victims of recent violent slider crimes stood as one and rallied at an Atlanta gas station on Monday.

"We're not gonna wait for you to shoot one of our girls for it to be an issue," prominent Atlanta business woman Sabrina Peterson said.

Peterson and Love and Hip-Hop star Alexis Sky experienced it first hand at the Quick Trip on Howell Mill Road. They said it happened in mere seconds as they were filling a tire. The thief made off with a black Maserati SUV and even pointed a gun at them as he sped off.

They said woman are not safe at gas stations in the city, especially at Quick Trip.

Other victims at the rally, echoed similar stories of fearing for their lives at the same QT.

"Well what am I gonna do if I get in touch with him (thief)? What if he has a gun?" said Chaneel White, whose car was broken into while she was pumping gas. "I just felt violated."

The women said Quick Trip needs to do more as a company to make patrons safer. The group also pointing the finger at the Atlanta Police Department to do more.

In a statement to CBS46 Atlanta police said they are aware of the problem at the city's QT's and are actively working with the company to combat the crimes.

Victims fear only a death will make authorities listen.

"Luckily my child wasn't in the car,” said Sabrina. “Because the police told me that if my child was in the car, they would have (A) maybe they would have let him out, (B) maybe tossed him away (C), done something to him or (D), he would have been caught in human trafficking."

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