ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46 )-- It's a site sure to make your skin crawl, a video showing rats crawling around trash cans at The Stacks apartment complex in Cabbagetown.

In the background you even hear a resident say, "It is the middle of the day."

"They are the size of small dogs," said one resident.

Residents say the rats have been a problem at a section of the complex for years, but have only recently become brazen because their main food source, waste going into a disposal unit, was taken away.

Management says they are trying to tackle the problem and have hired a company responsible for placing bait boxes around the complex.

This has some residents fearing the poisoned rats could fatally harm their pets or the wildlife.

"A little bit, usually I only take her (her dog) out this way during the daytime and then there's another dog area back there when it's dark," said one resident concerned her dog may get a hold of poison.

Recently a resident filmed a hawk tearing into a rat.

"There is definitely concerns with the amount of toxins ingested by the rat and then the wildlife eating it," said a neighbor who lives next to the apartments.

CBS46 spoke with management who says they are trying to tackle the problem and are using approved methods, and have given dog owners notice.

They say the pest control company's methods aren't any different from anywhere else trying to kill rats. Something residents said needs to happen.

"They have no place running around a civilized neighborhood," said a resident.

A national pest control company ranked Atlanta the 10th 'rattiest' city in the country, jumping from 15th last year.

There are three types of commonly used rodenticides, neighbors and residents fear the rat poison being used is one that cannot be treated if ingested by a pet, or if the pet ingests dying rat. 

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