Source: Georgia Tech student jumped onto moving train


One week ago he was found badly bruised, but what happened the night a Georgia Tech student went missing after an off campus party?

That's the question many have been raising one week after James Hubert was found alive.

CBS46 Investigative Reporter Karyn Greer has uncovered disturbing new details about the student's disappearance.

Hubert, a 24-year-old aerospace engineering student mysteriously disappeared after attending a sorority party at The Foundry at Puritan Mill on October 16.

After a frantic search by friends and family, using cellphone tracking technology, Hubert was found two days later about four miles away, bloodied and face down in a ditch at DeKalb and Arizona avenues. His family insisted Hubert was on a MARTA train that night.

"He got mugged. He left the party and we think he said somebody mugged him. They ripped all his clothes and his wallet and watch and phoneout left him for dead," said Diane Hubert at the time her son was found.

MARTA and Atlanta police confirmed Hubert was not riding MARTA that evening.

A source told CBS46 Hubert, whose nickname is reportedly 007, jumped off a bridge -- like James Bond in the opening scene of Skyfall-- onto a moving train, believed to be a CSX train.

Apparently the entire incident was captured on surveillance video which is now in the hands of police.

Hubert was found on the CSX side of the tracks. His shoes, we are told, were placed next to his body.

CSX officials have not commented on this new information and Atlanta police aren't saying much either, but do tell us the investigation is ongoing.

CBS46 learned family members reportedly met with police Monday night to hear about these obviously upsetting new developments.

Posts suggesting Hubert was beaten and battered have been removed from his mother's Facebook page. Diane Hubert is not returning calls for comment.

Wednesday afternoon, Jim Hubert, James Hubert’s father, released the following statement:"We don't have the full story yet about Jimmy's activities and whereabouts during the 55 hours that he was missing. It appears that he somehow got aboard a moving freight train. How he did this is unclear. What happened between his time on the train and the time he was found remains a mystery. "Did he do something reckless? It appears that he did. Was there a robbery? Police are still investigating that. To our family, the story hasn’t changed: Jimmy is alive today because of a great group of friends who were committed to finding him. We will forever be grateful for that."Our priority is to focus on Jimmy's health, and he gets stronger every day. He is also remembering more each day, and we are fully cooperating with the on-going police investigation."

It's possible Hubert could face criminal charges.

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