South Fulton Co. tornado victims need insurance assistance

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More than three weeks ago an EF-2 tornado ripped through a South Fulton neighborhood destroying dozens of homes.

Now some homeowners are complaining about not getting the help they need from their insurance companies.

"It has been atrocious to say the least," said homeowner Anthony Jackson.

It's not exactly home sweet home for Anthony Jackson. He's had a tough time trying to get contractors to make repairs after a tornado damaged about 70-percent of his house.

"I have one contractor telling me they can't make a move until they get that estimate," said Jackson.

Jackson said his insurance company has been the difference. It took three weeks for an adjuster to inspect the damage.

"It is a big name, but I'm not in good hands at this point," said Jackson.

Unfortunately, it's an issue many consumers deal with they need their insurance company the most. Fortunately, the Georgia Department of Insurance can help.

"So if a consumer is running into brick walls or the adjuster is not calling them back or coming out to view the damage," said Joanne Oni with the Georgia Department of Insurance. "They need to call us."

The insurance commissioner's office is prepared to hold negligent providers accountable.

"So depending on what the complaint is about. If it's the adjuster won't call them back or won't make a visit. We tell them we expect them within 24 hours to get out there and assist their consumer," said Oni.

It's the first bit of good news for Jackson in nearly a month. finally, someone looking out for the little guy.

"The law states that if an insurance company has violated one of the codes or regulations that if there is a pattern of that operation then the commissioner can fine them or ultimately he could stop them from writing in the state, but there is a due process before all that happens," said Oni.

You can contact the Georgia Department of Insurance if you can't get the help you need.

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