Suspect in South Fulton double shooting in police custody

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According to the mayor of South Fulton it has not been completely smooth.

Sources tell CBS46 there has been some issues getting all the equipment owed to the city of South Fulton.

In April, 85 officers were sworn in to the city's police department, yet those officers say they do not have certain equipment to keep the public safe.

"We're in the process of setting up a great city," says Mayor William Bill Edwards.

Part of that process Edwards is talking about is getting certain equipment form Fulton County Police.

"Listen, when you are doing something like this there is always some concerns about whether I should get this or whether I should get that."

According to an intergovernmental agreement, Fulton County agreed to turn over 100 patrol cars and 15 SUVs.

Also, more than 200 firearms, nearly 30,000 rounds of ammo and 160 portable radios, plus much more.

Mayor Edwards says they have received all of those items.

However, some large tactical items the city will not get. That's because those were bought by the county using a federal urban grant called UASI, designating it specifically for Fulton County Police.

"If UASI says I can't have the equipment I'm not fighting over it. I still have it," says Edwards. "If we have an incident in the city that calls for additional SWAT or call for surveillance by the helicopter we simply call Fulton County and they are obligated by UASI to come."

Moving forward, the city will use their own budget to buy additional equipment and even upgrade certain things they did get from the county.

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