HENRY COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- A Henry County mom says her 18-year-old special needs daughter was sexually assaulted by another student on a Henry County school bus while on the way to school. 

She says there were two aids, plus the driver, but says no one intervened. She adds that the school system failed to keep her daughter safe. 

Kim Smith says the assault occurred around 7 a.m. on Oct. 31, but she wasn’t notified until her daughter was already home from school. She says her daughter was physically and emotionally injured and now she’s demanding answers.

“It’s just been a lot going on with this, and I just want the answers that are due to me. No one seems to want to tell me exactly what everyone was doing, where were they, why did this happen, how did this happen,” says Smith.

Smith’s 18-year-old special needs daughter attends the GNETS special needs program at JB Henderson High School.

“My daughter has mental retardation, she has schizophrenia and bipolar, she is verbal, but has the mindset of a seven-year-old,” adds Smith. 

Smith says she got a phone call from the principal after school, despite the assault happening in the morning.  

“As far as I can tell, no one did anything to intervene, stop it, or do anything,” Smith adds. 

She says the school won’t tell her much about the other student except he’s not 18 yet. 

“The deputy has been working on the case, as far as he’s told me, the boy will be charged with sexual battery,” says Smith. “And it is on camera, my daughter went inside once they reached school, she told her teacher, and that alerted the rest of the staff, and they did view the video from the bus, and it substantiated her claims.”

CBS46 requested that video but have not heard back. 

Smith says she was not allowed to see the video, but the principal told her what was on it.

“She tried to give me an edited version of the details, but she just kept saying it was very gruesome to watch,” adds Smith. “As a parent, it put a horrible image in my mind, even without looking at the video I can’t even imagine how my daughter feels.” 

According to Henry County schools transportation operations handbook, monitors are supposed to watch the students, and intervene when necessary. 

A spokesman for the Henry County School District sent CBS46’s Melissa Stern this statement: 

“I cannot speak to specifics of cases involving students, but I can confirm that we were made aware of an incident on this bus on October 31. We do take matters like these seriously, and a full investigation is underway by the School Resource Officer and the Henry County Sheriff’s Department. The safety and security of our students is of the greatest concern for our district. The district’s internal findings into the matter have led to employment action for two transportation employees.”

“I want accountability,” says Smith. “I want to know what they were doing, why my daughter was not safe, because as a parent, I should be able to send my daughter on a school bus to school, and she should return back in the same condition I sent her in, which is with a good peace of mind and safe and secure.”


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