ATLANTA (CBS46) -- A Benjamin E. Mays Special Needs student was attacked Tuesday shortly after getting of the bus at her apartment in Campbellton Road in Atlanta. 

Video shows a group of students record what appears to be a pre-planned attack, with one student grabbing the victim by the hair and proceeding to punch and throw the victim to the ground. The video is now being shared across social media platforms.

“It was heartbreaking,” said the victim's aunt who chose to remain anonymous. “I immediately cried because all the students are literally sending it from child to child and it’s all over social media.”

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After the attack was over, the students followed the victim back to and into her apartment, filming as she entered and walked in.

“It wasn’t enough that they beat her up at the bus stop,” said the victim’s aunt. “They wanted to follow her home and sit in the home with her and just keep on abusing her.”

The victim’s family said they spoke to administrators at Benjamin E. Mays High School and filed a report with the Atlanta Police Department. The APD told CBS46 that a case has been opened and the incident report is still pending and has not yet been completed.

Atlanta Public Schools responded to a CBS46 inquiry regarding the incident with the following statement:

“Based on the apparent location of this incident, Atlanta Public Schools is reviewing the matter to determine if any disciplinary action is warranted.”

“This is unacceptable,” said the victim’s aunt. “I don’t understand why any child or young adult would want to beat up on a special needs child.”

Stay with CBS46 for updates.

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