Chaos at the Fort Lauder dale airport. Punches are thrown and police arrest at least three people after hundreds of Spirit Airlines passengers are left stranded Monday night.

Spirit is blaming increased flight cancellations on its pilots refusing to take assignments. Over the past week the airline canceled at least 300 flights. CBS46 spOKe to one family who's been stuck in Atlanta for several days.

"This experience has been too much for me. It makes me not even want to fly no where anymore. I'd much rather get in the car and go," Carolyn Hogan said.

On Tuesday afternoon a federal judge signed a temporary order mandating spirit pilots stop refusing to take flights. A primary hearing is scheduled for May 15th.

The viral video is the latest in a string of videos that show airline passengers getting upset while traveling. Last month a man was dragged of a United Airlines flight after refusing to switch flights. A few weeks ago a man got into a screaming match with an American Airlines employee after the employee refused to give a mother her child's stroller.

Dr. Delia Lang is a psychologist at Emory's Rollins School of Public Health. She says the increased tension while flying is partly due to the power of social media and sharing videos.

"Viewing things like this online and having the media highlight some of the incidents that have previously happened, it's possible that it puts people on alert a little bit," Dr. Lang said.

Passengers CBS46 spOKe to say the viral videos just make situations worse.

"It's kind of like showing people that maybe it is OK to fight when anything happens that you're not ok with. But it's not right. It's not ok," Nanette Pengely said.

Spirit released a statement following Monday's incident saying it's shocked and saddened over what happened.

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