ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Since she ran for governor of Georgia, it seems as if Stacey Abrams’ star has only continued to rise.

Could we soon see her in the White House?

“The bottom line is that Joe Biden knows who he wants,” Abrams said.

CBS46 reporter Ashley Thompson spoke one-on-one with Abrams, who makes it no secret that she’d like to be on the ticket with Biden. Biden has said he will pick a female running mate and there’s push for him to choose a black female.

“I believe that there is absolutely some benefit to being able to demonstrate on the ticket the diversity of leadership in our country,” Abrams said.

“What do you say to critics who say maybe you’re not as experienced as you need to be to be the VP pick?” Thompson asked.

“I would again say that Joe Biden knows the partner he needs. I bring the competency and the capacity, but I also have a deep resume. I have been an entrepreneur. I’m a tax expert. I have been a civic leader. I have run and been the CEO of organizations.”

One of those organizations is Fair Fight Action, a non-profit working to fight voter suppression.

“We want people to have as many options as possible but to prioritize vote by mail,” she said of the upcoming primary.

“What do you think are some of the major issues going into the fall – the general election?” Thompson asked.

“We must pass the Heroes Act. What we’re seeing happening in Georgia with the delays in processing absentee ballot applications is because the sheer scale and volume is larger than everything we’ve seen.”

The message Abrams wants to get out? Go vote.

Could it be for her in November?

“Have you been told that you’re in the running by the Biden camp?” Thompson asked.

The Biden campaign is going to run its process the way they will and I look forward to hearing their answer along with the rest of America.”

Abrams also commented on the Ahmaud Arbery case, saying it’s a tragedy that it took so long to get attention on it. She said it’s another reason America needs a justice system that is just.

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