ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The disappearance and death of 21-year-old Alexis Crawford has hit Clark Atlanta University hard.

An Atlanta Police report detailed an alleged assault on Crawford by her roommate's boyfriend, 21-year-old Barron Brantley. Days later the student disappeared, only to be found dead in a DeKalb County park. Brantley is now charged with her murder.

In the wake of the tragic news, students have taken to social media, posting online about a bigger problem of safety at the university.

One tweet from a student read: "Every single time I ask for an escort somewhere they say uhhh is there a reason...” like have you been watching the news? If I feel unsafe, I feel unsafe."

Others stating they are now frightened to enroll at the university.

We looked at the numbers posted by five universities in the downtown area involving sexual assault on and off campus.

Clark Atlanta reported 12 in the last three years, Spelman had two rapes, and Morehouse reported 18 rapes in the last three years.

Compared to those three schools, Georgia State had 14 rapes and Georgia Tech more than doubled Clark with 30 rapes reported in the last three years.

Through our digging we found the latest sexual assault at Georgia Tech happened on Halloween at the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity house.

Students at CAU tell CBS46 that some assaults go unreported.

"They're scared to go to the police to file reports," said Angelo Hopson, a CAU student. "Because they have no protection just like Alexis went back home to the same environment where the incident happened there's no excuse for that."

The data collected is from the university's website which is required by law to report crimes.

Clark Atlanta University also has a section for dating-violence offenses, in the last three years there were 27 reported violent offenses.

Also the section for liquor law violation arrests or disciplinary actions in the last two years for both of those sections, there was only one offense reported.

CBS46 reached out the university to make sure the numbers they reported are accurate and are awaiting a response.

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