Stray bullets strike downtown Atlanta apartment building

Source: WGCL

Wednesday brought some scary moments for residents in a downtown Atlanta apartment complex as stray bullets entered an apartment. The complex sits between Peace Ave Northeast and the 400 block of Parkway Drove Northeast. “I was laying down, I just did this right here”, said one resident as she described off her bed and crawling on the ground. “If I would have gotten up, I could have been hit by a bullet” added the women who did not want to disclose her name told CBS46.She showed us the bullets holes that were just inches from where she was laying in bed. And, there wasn’t just one or two but several gun shots entered her home.“This is another one of the bullets right here” said the woman as she pointed out the bullet holes one by one. “I’m just kinda nervous, this is just something that you don’t expect to wave up to at 6:30 in the morning”CBS46 counted a total of 6 bullets holes in the apartment, a situation that still has the woman in the apartment in disbelief. “And I have no idea why it happened and why it happened to me.”The incident also has law enforcement scratching their heads. “At this point our investigators are working to gather any leads that may be available. We’re interviewing witnesses at the scene and also seeking any information from anyone may have seen anything “ said Officer Donald Hannah from the Atlanta Police Department. Hannah adds witness saw a black or gray sedan in the parking lot right before the shooting they are asking anyone with information to come forward. But while Atalanta PD searches for leads the woman we spoke to says she won’t be staying in her apartment.“Would you think it’s safe if you get up and find these bullet holes in your house”While one was hurt in this shooting several other bullets did hit building.

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