ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The student who posted a viral picture and video showing crowded North Paulding High hallways is no longer suspended for doing so, the student told CBS46 News. 

The district initially suspended the student earlier this week after an announcement to punish all students who shared disparaging content of the school on social media. 

“Students have important amendment rights that the school has to respect,” said Mike Hiestand Senior Legal Counsel for Student Press Law Center.

“Anything that’s going on social media that’s negative or alike without permission, photography, that’s video or anything, there will be consequences,” was the announcement to North Paulding High students first heard on CBS46.

On Friday, the student announced via social media that the district reversed its decision. 

A family member of the student told CBS46 the suspension was supposed to be five days, and in part had to do with the use of a cell phone in the school hallway, videoing minors and using social media during school time.

Something constitutional lawyers said is invalid.

“An invasion of privacy claim that students because they didn’t provide consent there’s some sort of problem there, and that’s just not true when you’re in a crowded hallway in a public high school. You have no valid expectations to privacy,” said Mike.

Along with unprecedented consequences for students exposing the safeness of the schools, the return to in-person teaching has contributed to positive coronavirus cases.

Polk County confirmed two Cedartown High students have tested positive for the virus; such is the case for other counties including Cherokee.

Parents learning about the new cases of COVID-19 among students in Cherokee County are speaking out about school conditions.

“Masks are optional, they’re not distancing students, they’re cramming them onto buses,” said Jamie Chambers who's children go to Cherokee County Schools.

Parents and teachers told CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy Cherokee’s school cleaning is a joke.

“The schools were closed for four months and supposedly were going to be deep cleaned. Every teacher I talked to from all across the district said they came back to filthy schools," said Jamie Chambers. "I had one teacher at Creek View High School said there was a stain on the inside window facing the hallway that had been there in March, that was still there when she came back,” added Chambers.

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