ATLANTA (CBS46) -- Students in metro Atlanta are finding a new way around TikTok’s latest attempt to stop the social media buzz around school vandalism.

To avoid missing out on millions of likes students are now just hash tagging the word “lick” instead of “devious lick,” to showcase their latest steals from schools across Georgia.

Now the Coweta County School District is calling the latest TikTok challenge criminal behavior.

District officials said two students at Evans Middle School are now facing criminal charges for vandalizing school property as part of the devious lick challenge CBS46 first reported on last week.

The criminal charges include theft and interfering with government property, according to Coweta Country Public Information Officer Dean Jackson, “Students are stealing items from school, typically soap dispensers that sort of thing.”

CBS46’s story even prompted TikTok to start removing millions of videos from it’s platform, but the trend is not slowing down.

“We have seven middle schools and really four high schools. We had at least one incident and sometimes multiple incidents at nearly every one of those schools,” Jackson said.

Midtown High School student Aaliyah Rapping said her school principal is also now telling parents that students will have to pay for damages and they will press charges against students as well.

Atlanta Public Schools said they even conducted a damage assessment that showed more than a thousand dollars in damages so far.

Districts are now asking TikTok to do more to stop the social media buzz.

“TikTok should take those things down,” Jackson said.

Most of the districts told CBS46 that this is the final warning to parents and students.

CBS46 reached out to TikTok to see if they now plan on removing the videos under the new hashtag “lick” and they have not got back to us yet.

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