DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46)-- Cell phone video shows mayhem at Cedar Grove High School as a group of students rush to attack a male student.

"I'm departing from them because the boys are rushing me," said 17-year-old David Jefferson. "I push my sister back because you know I didn't want her to get hurt, and then I'm getting rushed by two of them and then I slipped on the bus and fell and hit my neck."

The incident occurred on December 20 after school had finished.

Apparently starting over a rumor that David wanted to fight another student, which David said is absolutely false.

"At the time I was thinking this is crazy," said David.

David's mother said the attack on her son was unprovoked.

"It was very emotional to see him hurt. He's never had a record in his life, never," said Aleshia Jefferson.

The family said no school official was initially there to stop the fight. Everyone involved was taken to the principal's office and charged. Something David's mother said is not right and that the school has mishandled the incident.

"You know I repeatedly tried to speak with them, and you know I stood there feeling like I was invisible. It was very upsetting to me I couldn't understand why my kids would be suspended when they were simply defending themselves," said Aleshia.

CBS46 Reporter Jamie Kennedy reached out to the DeKalb County School District, who acknowledged the fight happened and that several students were charged with affray, and that the investigation into the incident is still open.

The Jefferson's hope the incident doesn't hurt David's college aspirations.

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