Students take trip into a story

Source: WGCL

Children in southwest Atlanta had no idea they were about to take a trip into a story. But that's exactly what happened as they boarded a MARTA bus for a ride.

Author Matt de la Pena read his children's book, Last Stop on Market Street. It's about a little boy named CJ and his nana riding a bus after church.

"They were like we are going to pick up granny and CJ so I was like really," said student Jaiyah Sheppard.

Really! The characters of the book came to life and actually boarded the bus. CBS46 reporter Vince Sims even played a character in the book.

"The blind man with a spotted dog ha ha ha," said Sheppard.

While it was a lot of fun for the kids, witnessing a book leave its pages was a learning tool.

"These are what create the memories that create the love for learning because we store them because they are so exciting," said Dr. Caitlin McMunn Dooley.

Judging by the kid's reactions, it worked.

"It was funny at the same time and it was cool," said Sheppard.

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