ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta is a tough place to maneuver for cars. But for bicyclist ... 

“It’s very busy,” bicyclist Teresa Garcia said.

And for people just walking around.

“Very busy,” downtown worker Jahquise Goldwire said. “Cars don’t really want to stop for too many pedestrians other than the crosswalks you know, but it’s not really a sharing road.”

That's why the Atlanta City Planning Commission wants to study away to make the area better for everyone.

“It should be more designed for bikes, and pedestrians, and people that are getting off MARTA,” Atlanta Commissioner of City Planning Tim Keane said. “The more vibrant activity that you see in a city.”

Keane said they want to explore a concept called shared space on Peachtree Street. It would make the street less car focused.

“We usually do try to make it a flush condition so there is no curbs,” Keane said. “You will need to define pedestrian areas in some way. It could be paint or bollards or things like that. Or it could be landscaping.”

Keane said this could promote more people living in downtown and using this as a central downtown attraction.

“They are really designed for pedestrians, and cyclist, and people sitting at tables and chairs and enjoying an urban street but cars are still going through there,” Keane said. “So you have to design it so cars are going through very slowly through there. Almost like you are driving through a plaza space.”

People seem to like the idea.

“Free roaming,” Goldwire said. “It’s very spacious. It will help out a lot.”

“I think that would be a good idea for bicyclist and pedestrians,” Garcia said.

Drivers could get an added benefit too. The shared space concept could adding parking on a street where there is none now.

The study is being paid for through a $1 million grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission.

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