Suspect connected to human remains found, also linked to murder and disappearance of missing woman

UPDATE (CBS46) — The human remains found in Stockbridge have been positively identified as those of missing woman, Mirsha Victor.

That's according to the Henry County Medical Examiner's office. 

A second set of remains was also found, but they have yet to be identified.

CBS46 reporter Tori Cooper is following this story and will have more tonight on CBS46.


HENRY County, Ga. (CBS46) -- Startling new details in the case of human remains discovered in Henry County on Monday.

Three people are behind bars for the murder and disappearance of a 23-year-old-woman and now we’ve uncovered more about this crime connection.

CBS46’s Tori Cooper was in Henry County digging up new details.

“We’ve seen her over here a few times,” said a resident near Hudson Bridge Terrace.

Suspect connected to human remains found, also linked to murder and disappearance of missing woman

Residents said they saw 23-year-old Mirsha Victor with murder suspect Dennis Lane together on many occasions, at his apartment where he lived and that he expressed liking her a lot.

“We saw the mustang, one day we saw the mustang and it was facing the apartments. The next day we saw the mustang and it was facing away from the apartments and then Friday it was gone. He made the comment that it would be his car in a little bit.”

Mr. Lane, Cleounsee Fisher and Ronisha Precwinkle are the three suspects who police said they believe are connected to the two bodies pulled from the forest Tuesday. Neighbors said Mr. Lane and Fisher both lived at in a townhome less than a quarter of a mile from where the bodies were discovered. They also said they saw all three suspects hanging out together at Mr. Lane’s house.

“I thought he had stopped messing with the girl but of course when everything had happened a couple of Fridays ago, I was hurt.”

Police have not confirmed if any of the remains discovered belong to Mirsha and they have not identified the other remains found either.

However, Mirsha’s iPhone was pinged at Mr. Lanes address shortly before she disappeared and records show police found blood on his floor and a bloodstain on a mattress in his dumpster the day after she disappeared. Mr. Lane was also arrested for murder and her disappearance the day after she disappeared.

New Court Documents show he’s also a registered sex offender.

“He would watch the bus and watch the kids get off the bus, so for a long time I wondered do you have children or?” another one of Mr. Lane’s neighbors said.

One neighbor said Mr. Lane even stalked her too.

“I was just walking to the trash and he jumped out of the house butt naked. I notified the president  of the home association and they just brushed it to the side. I told them we have kids out here what If it was your daughter. Whenever I walk or take my trash out it always feels like someone is watching me and he would always be that person watching me,” Mr. Lane’s other neighbor said.

Police have not identified any of the people found in the woods.

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