Jordyn Jones in Court 11/21/2019

Murder suspect Jordyn Jones appears in a Fulton County court on 11/21/2019.

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – An Atlanta judge denied bond to one of the suspects charged with the murder of a Clark Atlanta University student last October.

Jordyn Jones and then-boyfriend Barron Brantley are charged with the murder of Alexis Crawford, 21, and have been held at the Fulton County Jail on murder charges since their arrest in November. Defense attorneys for Jones filed a motion claiming she should be granted bail because she, "has never committed a crime and comes from a good family."

Jones’ father told police in November that she was on probation for a DUI in Michigan. Members of her family have told CBS46 they were concerned about her behavior since she began dating Brantley.

“As to the issue of no criminal history, she was in fact on probation at the time when this situation occurred and had some knowledge of her obligations under the criminal law," said a Fulton County judge during the hearing. "The court does not find that there’s been a sufficient showing to justify the reconsideration of bond, particularly in light of the misrepresentations that were made to cover up the offense. For those reasons bond will remain."

At the time of the murder, Crawford was roommates with Jones and were best friends at Clark Atlanta University. Their relationship became strained after Crawford filed a police report accusing Brantley, Jones’ boyfriend, of sexually assaulting her. The alleged incident happened the week before Crawford was murdered.

Crawford was found dead at Exchange Park in DeKalb County park days after she vanished from her off-campus apartment. Reports from Fulton Superior Court confirmed Crawford was strangled to death. Barron later admitted he choked Crawford with his hands, while Jones suffocated her with a trash bag.

Crawford’s family spoke Wednesday and expressed outrage that Jones might be released on bond. Rev. Markel Hutchins, who spoke on behalf of the family at the press conference, said even though Jones comes from a good family, in no way does that absolve her of responsibility for her actions. Crawford’s parents told Hutchins if Jones is released, they fear for the safety of two of their children who are students at Clark Atlanta University and Georgia State University.

“She put a plastic bag over her roommate and best friend’s head that in it of itself means she is on fit for society and should never see the light of day again. Period!,” exclaimed Markel.

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