Sweetwater Mission helps families

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During the school year many children get lunch and sometimes breakfast served at school, leaving families to pick up those extra meals if they can during the summer.

For low income families that can sometimes be a struggle, but one organization is trying to help by giving free groceries to those in need.

Sweetwater Mission is located in Austell and provides assistance for families in Cobb and Douglas counties.

It's an answered prayer for many like Shameka Simmons, a married mother of three. Both spouses work but still sometimes end just don't meet.

"The car, the tire out on the car or anything unexpectedly can happen and so you need just that little to get you over the hump to get you by," she says.

The same is true for senior citizen Fay Kindell.

"I'm disabled and I draw a social security check and there's six people in the house, and they all live on my social security check."

Daily the organization, who helps low income families, assists 50-75 families a day.

"A lot of times it means the difference between going hungry and not. I've got three grandchildren at home, great grandchildren. They help out a lot, Lord bless these people, they're good people," says Kindell.

Since children are out of school the mission is giving families extra food.

"When they are in school it's like they feed them breakfast and lunch, and then I just have to do dinner or whatever or snack. Now, it's all day long and they are eating and eating and eating so it really help me out a lot for the summer," says Simmons.

No matter the situation, people leave with a basket full of groceries and a side of compassion.

Darlene Duke, the executive director of the mission, says they want people to feel good.

"We don't see people at their best circumstances. We see people in some of their most difficult circumstances," says Duke. "So we want this to be at least a bright spot they can come to and the community cares for them and loves them."

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