ATLANTA, GA (CBS46) Approximately 50,000 counterfeit pills containing fentanyl are now off the streets. A local task force worked with federal partners to arrest a couple they say were pressing and distributing the pills from their home.

Authorities said 35-year-old Frederick Michelsen and his wife, 28-year-old Elizabeth Ashely Michelsen, are now behind bars after their role in an international drug operation.

Nurit Davis said her Woodstock neighborhood has exactly what she was looking for, trees, space and quiet. That is until this week.

“It’s not something you expect in this neighborhood or any neighborhood actually,” Davis told CBS46 News.

Davis said this week her quiet street was packed with Cherokee County law enforcement. Phil Price, commander of the Cherokee county Narcotics task force, said the raid of a home on Davis street lead to the discovery of heroin and a host of other drugs, as well as the large quantity of pills.

“Any amount of fentanyl is alarming to us, certainly this much,” Price said.

Price told CBS46 the drugs were found in a nearby storage facility rented by two of Davis’s neighbors. They say the pair were selling the drugs online.

“There are some players even outside the United States so we’re pursuing that,” Price explained.

Missy Owen runs the Davis direction foundation. it’s an organization dedicated to helping people beat their battle with addiction. She said any fentanyl on the streets is too much.

“They will kill you. The fentanyl that’s going around is illicitly prepared,” Owen explained.

Owen added she lost a son to opioid addiction. It’s a fate she's fighting to make sure no other parent faces.

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