Perception is Reality

Joyce Oscar

As you prepare to send your students off to college in a few weeks, you may want to question them about their involvement in student organizations on campus.

Take for instance the previously officially listed student group at University of Georgia, Young Democratic Socialists at UGA.

Last month, the University of Georgia Police Department began investigating this student group for an inflammatory tweet May 12, the tweet saying “House Republicans should NOT be shot! They should be guillotined.” The tweet, in response to a tweet the day before by conservative activist, Charles Kirk, upset over a professor at the Art Institute of Washington reportedly saying House Republicans “should be lined up and shot.”

The inflammatory tweet was intended as a joke and should NOT be taken literally says the UGA Young Democratic Socialists founder, David Littman. Littman graduated from UGA last year.

Well, nobody is laughing, especially considering the history of governments and groups resorting to killing off opposing voices through firing squads and other violence.

A post on the Young Democratic Socialists at UGA Facebook page says the organization is now renamed the Athens Democratic Socialists of America and it is distancing itself from the university. It is no longer listed in the UGA Involvement Network.

As you might suspect, I am not a big fan of socialism, so this organization is of no interest to me. However, when you read its members tweeted violence against our elected officials, even in jest, you must wonder what are our young men and women learning on that campus?

I’m sure the Athens Democratic Socialists of America remained silent on the socialist failure unfolding in front of our eyes in Venezuela. Socialism to some sounds so good on paper, especially to young people who are a few short years away from a full-time job. The nasty capitalists don’t want to share their wealth and want poor and sick people to die. I’ve heard all the arguments about the kindness of socialism. However, the pictures of people and small children rummaging through garbage for a morsel of food in Venezuela are a stark reminder of the truth.

I’m Joyce Oscar

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