LITHONIA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The use of the word suicide has become cause for alarm when used in a school setting, and that is exactly what one DeKalb County teacher is being accused of.

“Wow the owner of the next voice I hear is just asking to be names in my suicide note,” said DeKalb county resident Cassandra Craft as she read the questionable message aloud.

Craft was reacting to a message a Lithonia Middle School teacher posted on her smart board during class. According to an anonymous tip the 7th grade teacher wrote the note threatening to add students names to her suicide note if they spoke during class.

“I don’t think that’s ok for her to do something like that it’s very unprofessional,” said resident Nathaniel Lee.

But for students in the class, the message was more than just unprofessional. According to the anonymous tip, students were so spooked they ran out of the classroom screaming.

“I would have ran out too,” said another resident Tracey Hallums. “I just can’t believe that teacher, I just hope she will be ok and she’s not serous about this,” she added.

CBS46 was told the teacher asked to be let out of her contract for mental health reasons and she allegedly provided a supporting doctor's note stating that she was unsafe to herself and to students. But administrators would not allow her out of her contract.

We reached out to the district to get comment and they sent us this statement.

"The safety and well-being of our students and staff remains a top priority. On Dec. 6, a Lithonia Middle School teacher made an concerning statement to students during the last class of the day. School administrators were made aware of the concerning comment displayed on the whiteboard and the incident was swiftly handled. The teacher submitted a letter of resignation. School counselors will provide additional support to students who were impacted. Families were notified the same day."

“That’s got to be traumatizing to process that. I don’t think a teacher should be doing that and if her mental health wasn’t right what was she doing to their Impressionable minds” added Craft.

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