Adrian De La Vega

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) One man is making it his mission to raise awareness about changes needed in the educational system. He's doing it in a creative way by taking two wheels around the country.

Adrian De La Vega has biked over 1,000 miles so far and ended up in front of Georgia's state capital with a message.

"I’m currently biking to every state capital to raise awareness on the educational system," De La Vega told CBS46 News.

He’s riding to every state capital and pushing for change in the classrooms.

"What we're teaching the students and how we're allowing teachers to teach it,” says De La Vega. ”A lot of teachers around the country have gone on strikes because of how they're treated with how much they're paid but in the classroom sometimes, they don't have enough power to teach how they want to teach."

De La Vega is an educational speaker and says the system isn't helping everyone reach their full potential.

One prime example, he says, is what students learn after school. The basics of how to be an adult.

He has already taken his message to several states. Tuesday, he met with metro Atlanta teachers to hear their needs.

"Having someone in Washington or the state capital decide how they should teach, there's no common sense,” said De la Vega.

De La Vega tells CBS46 that change takes time but can happen. Much like his journey on two wheels.

"I wanted to do something would catch people's attention."

In Georgia, the Department of Education has a division of curriculum and instruction, which supports evidence-based instructional practices to establish the standards teachers follow in their classrooms.

The department works with teachers and education experts like De La Vega to come up with those standards.

CBS46 found that Georgia standards are reviewed on a regular basis and revised when needed. De La Vega hopes his message can be a part of that.

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