ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- It's video that has many parents and community members shaking their heads.

In the footage, a teacher at Frederick Douglass High School on October 7 tries to protect himself as a student piles on blow after blow.

"With the way these kids are acting these days, I think all situations like that are crazy," said Horace Williams, a Frederick High Alumni.

Parents couldn't believe the vision.

"(Shaking head) it's sad, it's sad," said a mother whose kid attends the school.

"I saw it but I just really, I don't really have much to say, it's really just a lot to take in, it's a lot to take in," another Frederick High mother explained.

A statement from Atlanta Public schools said the incident happened after a teacher tried to break up a fight between two students. One of the students then turned on the teacher and assaulted him.

The student was arrested and taken to Fulton Juvenile Detention Center who refused to take him.

He was subsequently returned to his parent.

The teacher was taken to Grady hospital where he was treated for minor injuries.

Community members said the student should not be allowed to get away with his behavior.

"It's the easiest thing, you do the crime, you do time," said Williams.

The student has been charged with assault and will be disciplined under the APS student code of conduct.

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(5) comments


Tells me quite a bit about the parents of those kids when the ones you ask about the incident don't have anything to say. There is a real problem with people in the African American when it comes to disciplining thier children and making them responsible for their actions. Unfortunately for the majority of those that come from single mother households those parents haven't got a clue how to raise decent self respecting young people because they themselves are not. You can't teach what you don't know and are not willing to be yourself.


How can you generalize African American people? Are you really saying that single mothers, particularly African American single mothers, are not decent and self-respecting? You are part of the problem with this country and the trickle down effect your racist ideology has on the image young people have of themselves. Your comment displays your own ignorance. It’s sad that the climate of our country has allowed for a coming out of true racists who spew negative remarks about an entire race based on one news article. What if the perpetrator in this article had been Caucasian? What did you say about Dylan Roof’s mother? Did you come from a two parent home? Your comment proves that didn’t create a decent respectful human being.


Excuse me, but you’re ignorant and are not one to be offering advice to anyone. Please offer an “ excuse” for the parents of the ”Caucasian” students involved in mass shootings in schools and churches? what’s going with the kids in the world definitely does not have very much to do with race, as it does parenting. I feel equally parents in today’s society tend to avoid problems in the home and discipline less if at all. The majority of society is desensitized. Babies are raising babies. Parents are stressed out, and mental illness is on the rise. There is no relief. I am a Behavioral Analysts, I work with children with behavioral issues.

And I am African American with a whole lot to say.


Perhaps someone can by him a belt for Christmas.


Teachers need to carry pepper spray because these rotten brats need to be blasted and you can bet not a doggone thing is going to be done at home if he acts like this. NO WONDER THESE KIDS ARE ILLITERATE THEY SPEND THEIR DAYS FIGHTING INSTEAD SITTING THEIR BUTTS IN THEIR SEATS AND LEARNING ANYTHING.

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